Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

International Arbitration

Binding arbitration law provides the parties with extensive possibilities to structure international matters and proceedings relatively freely. This makes it possible to reconcile the differences between continental European and Anglo-American procedural approaches. Our attorneys in the international dispute resolution practice are adept at working with existing teams that have handled disputed matters in advance and are now seeking arbitration support. Acting as an arbitrator is very different from acting as a party representative. International arbitration proceedings therefore require lawyers specialized in this highly complex field. Our approach is Anglo-American. As lawyers/attorneys-at-law (New York) admitted to practice both in Germany and in the United States, we are particularly qualified to act in international arbitration proceedings under both civil and common law as well as under hybrid proceedings. In this context, we also advise governments and international investors on foreign investment and international law issues.


The aim of mediation is that parties jointly find a suitable solution to their concerns. In this process, the mediator creates the appropriate framework conditions and takes over the design of the procedure. The mediator takes care of the procedure, the actual structure oft he process and the best possible communication between the conflicting parties, always remaining impartial, neutral and discreet.
Our experienced mediators know how to bring disputing or disagreeing parties together to find a solution in a goal-oriented manner. With their know-how and many years of experience, they support the process of conflict resolution by forcing a constructive discussion between all parties involved and assisting in the creative process of finding a solution.

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